Outdoor Play

Bookings Policies and Costs

Our main areas of focus during the outdoor season are adult and junior tennis instruction and our summer camp program, but we do have some court time available for either “pay-as you-play” or member bookings carried over from the indoor season.

Our Club offers a premium booking experience in that you are able to reserve in advance and hold a block of time in contrast to a typical outdoor Club where you have to book once you arrive and hope there is availability.

During the outdoor season, all court time is $20/ hour/ court regardless of whether you are playing singles or doubles. 

Private Lesson Fees – The lesson fee consists of the fee to the Pro plus the court cost of $20/ hour

Members from the indoor season may carry over bookings into the outdoor season. 1 booking is required per/ person/ per reservation. Singles courts can be booked for one hour and doubles courts (4 players) can be booked for 1.5 hours.

For all outdoor bookings, we will extend a 15 min grace period if nobody is booked after your time. After the grace period, additional court fees will be required to continue play.

Proper tennis attire and etiquette are required. Please see notices posted at the Club for details.

Other Notes

Only designated Joshua Creek Pro’s may teach lessons at the facililty
We do not have lights during the outdoor season so the end time of the booking is based when darkness falls
Proper etiquette and dress required

Or Call 905-257-5019 to reserve a court or a private lesson if you are a non-member.

Joshua Creek is a private tennis and golf facility located in Oakville close to the Mississauga border. We offer year round tennis, a full schedule of adult and junior lessons and an exciting multi-sport summer camp program.

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